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Video is KING

By May 29, 2019 May 11th, 2020 No Comments


Your business is going full steam ahead and looking to capitalize on the modern social media and marketing trends. All the marketing gurus in your network have repeated one mantra over and over again: video is king! These gurus aren’t wrong. In a world where Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube dominate customers’ attention spans, it’s clear that every modern company needs to tell its story through video on new media platforms.

But while it’s one thing to simply acknowledge that video is king, understanding why it’s king is even more important than that simple mantra. Customers don’t just buy products anymore, they buy in to the stories behind them. Stories that give them hope, stories that make them feel like they’re a part of something, stories that decide where their hard-earned money goes.

Here are revrnt’s three reasons why video is king.


When making your video marketing materials be sure to work with experts who will take time to find and refine your voice. Prepare to align all of your public presence to that story, the story of your company and what makes it great. We at revrnt keep the following maxims in mind when crafting narrative:

  • Keep your narrative simple and digestible
  • Build your company and your customers up with positivity
  • Make your story something worth sharing


Mobile marketing has become the most powerful way to reach your intended audience. As of 2018 more than 60% of ad viewership is happening on mobile devices. As mobile devices grow more ingrained into our lives that percentage is only going up.

Mobile viewing’s convenience expands its reach beyond any competing medium. TV, web ads, and other forms of conventional engagement require a static audience that’s prone to distraction and interruption. This audience is even skilled at avoiding ads altogether. Mobile friendly advertising through social media platforms and other avenues does not rely on these static audiences, reaching anyone anywhere with unparalleled convenience, moving with the viewer instead of interrupting their lives.


A well-told story is the strongest tool in a company’s marketing arsenal. These stories are the life-blood of any successful marketing campaign, determining both how you see your company, and how the world sees it. Brand identity is a core component of a customer’s purchasing decision, and how you communicate and share that identity is more important than ever in a world shaped by mobile devices.

Video is the most natural and compelling medium to tell these important stories, converging with customers’ lives and resonating with them no matter where they are or where they’re headed. Video storytelling increases brand awareness and loyalty, showing your customers an intimate depiction of who you are and the value you bring to their lives. That awareness and loyalty that video brings translates directly into sales and market share, converting eyes on your content into revenue and profit.

All the more reason why video is king!

We at revrnt are storytellers at heart, and there is no better way to tell your story than through a video, accessible anywhere across the globe with a single tap of a finger. Removing barriers to experience your narrative is what drives us at revrnt.