Anaergia is a global leader in the production of clean energy, fertilizer, and recycled water. Anaergia offers the widest range of resource recovery solutions for municipal, industrial, commercial, and agricultural markets.

In 2018 revrnt was commissioned to cover the ground breaking of Anaergia’s Rialto facility.

Our Challenge

Revrnt was leveraged to capture original content from the groundbreaking of Anaergia’s Rialto facility, from speeches and inrterviews, to overhead and drone shots, to photography.

The challenge was to bring this set of high-quality assets together into branded packages with strong narrative and hopeful tone. Leveraging videograpy, photography, and writing, revrnt needed to capture both the essence and future of this blossoming company.

Our Solution

Revrnt utilized sound bites, interviews with experts in the field, and its wide range of captured video and photography to help Anaergia show its immense contribution towards helping California reach its climate change initiative goals.

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