Tenkiv designs, builds, and implements advanced energy systems with the goal of democratizing sustainable water and energy access. Tenkiv’s technology is unique,  utilizing a single, modular solar thermal system for energy acquisition, distribution, storage, and conversion while remaining cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Our Challenge

Revrnt needed to build Tenkiv’s entire brand from the ground up, handling all front-facing aspects of their business. The vast scope of work included all web, video, photo, and new media content, including two successful kickstarter campaigns. The scale of this endeavor required a broad-spectrum action plan that leveraged Tenkiv’s unique technology, staff, and ethos, showing the world why they are ahead of the pack. 

Our Solution

Through an intimate partnership leveraging the creative efforts of both parties, revrnt built Tenkiv’s brand, identity, and company personality. By taking the strain of front-facing operations off of Tenkiv’s management team the company only had to focus on what matters most: innovative and world-changing technology.

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